Tom Wolfe

From years of dedication, Tom Wolfe turned his passion into a reality. AZ Cobras & Classics is rooted in decades of experience, all starting with Tom Wolfe. With the idea of restoring, renovating, and creating cars with a story, Wolfe wanted to build a business that services customers at affordable rates with quality care and work. In 1999, he bought his first Factory Five which was a first generation Roadster. Building it from the ground up, it wasn't long after he named his son, Shelby, after his very first Factory Five car. Since then, Wolfe has developed inspiration from the hard work, dedication, and reward of building cars and creating a lasting legacy.

Jason Hussey
Shop Foreman

Jason Hussey is a hardworking and passionate individual that brings life to AZ Cobras & Classics. Drawing inspiration from his dad an uncle at a young age, Hussey was raised and brought up in a generation of car lovers. At the age of 16, he did his first motor swap in his 62 Volkswagen and soon after became a mechanic when he was 17. Shortly after, 19-year old Hussey began working at a hot rod shop. Working there for ten years, he did electrical, restorations, full custom builds, and worked on Factory Five vehicles. After that, he took some time off from cars to learn about welding and fabrication, then worked for two different auto museums in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here he restored multiple types of classics, including: GTO's, Volkswagens, Alfa Romeos and Fiat Zagatos, vintage Subarus, and Bugattis. Hussey then decided to return to his roots and work more on hot rods and Factory Fives. He enjoys doing high quality builds on vehicles that are restored to drive, and the reward of seeing people enjoy a finished product.